Japan Travel Tips For The Solo Traveller

Some things I wish I knew before going to Japan.

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My Endeavours In Japan: A Recap Part 3

Day 9 An Uneventful Day

Being an introvert, it was surprisingly taxing after all my excitement being out of Australia. I initially had plans to explore Nagoya but ended up only going to Nagoya Science Museum and Nagoya Castle before calling it a day back at the capsule hotel. Continue reading “My Endeavours In Japan: A Recap Part 3”

My Endeavours In Japan: A Recap Part 2

Day 5 Kobe & Arima Hot Springs

I finally couldn’t stand how cold it was hence I went to Uniqlo early in the morning to get a nice jacket. After which I somehow wondered around and ended up through their Chinatown which I never expected considering all the China Hate I see on the news between Japan and China. Nonetheless, the chinese food was nice and I got to try some Kobe Beef, which was expensive considering it was $15Aud for a few bites. I was disappointed that it didn’t taste particularly nice but then again it might not have even been real Kobe Beef since I bought it off the streets. A strange incident happened where a little girl thought I was her father lol and hugged my leg. Continue reading “My Endeavours In Japan: A Recap Part 2”

My Endeavours In Japan: A Recap Part 1

My experiences, fun and mishaps on this solo travel!

By the end of 2015 I decided I have had enough of uni and working at a supermarket day in day out. With 200 hours of annual leave, a ton of hatred and stress and having never really done anything impulsive in my life, I bought a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera and booked a two week ticket┬áto Japan, the place of anime, manga, amazing scenery and fantastical food! Continue reading “My Endeavours In Japan: A Recap Part 1”