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Fun facts and tips when travelling in Peru!


Some things I wish I knew before going to Peru Continue reading “Peru Travel Tips”

That Trip To Peru: A Recap Final

Our last planned trip in Peru after Machu Picchu was to visit the Uros Floating Islands which was planned for several days later. Whilst still in Cusco, we had a one day trip quadbiking to Maras Salt Lakes and Moray. Continue reading “That Trip To Peru: A Recap Final”

That Trip To Peru: A Recap Part 4

I vaguely recall pathetically crying during year 7 camp when I attempted crossing an obstacle course about 10 meters off the ground, my only safety assurance was a metal cable tied to my saddle. Back then my legs refused to move even a single step forward, thus I never particularly enjoyed heights. However, I have to say that on this entire trip, ziplining from mountain to mountain in random positions( upside down, hanging like spiderman, flying like superman), and walking across a suspension bridge somewhere between 50 to 100 meters above ground, was my best experience, not to mention, it costed about a fraction of what it would have costed had I done something similar in Australia. Ziplining upside down, exotic trees and rapid rivers below me gave me a sensation almost like I was in a movie scene where the world was turned upside down. Continue reading “That Trip To Peru: A Recap Part 4”

That Trip To Peru: A Recap Part 3

My Solo Travels In Peru

Being bed ridden for almost two days, surviving on a diet of McDonalds ( its rather surprising how consistent they taste around the globe unlike the KFC next doors), My last trip around Cusco was Saqsaywaman Ruins about fifteen minutes drive from Cusco. It was nice being able to breath in some fresh air and view some epic landscapes though I still struggled with every ascent. After getting a nice view of Cusco beneath, I headed back to my hotel awaiting my taxi to Urubamba. Continue reading “That Trip To Peru: A Recap Part 3”

That Trip To Peru: A Recap Part 2


The city where almost all travellers arrives at before starting their adventures. Since all the hiking trails are in the mountains where at points the altitude would be 3000m above sea level, it was a good idea to acclimatise for several days first beginning the trek. This busy city filled deep in the mountain ranges was quite a sight to behold whilst flying over the mountains, and also had exceptional weather despite the morning and night chill; the sky was always blue and had little rain, the sun always shone brightly but not overbearingly hot. It was necessary to wear sunglasses at all times outdoors though since we were alot closer to the sun. Continue reading “That Trip To Peru: A Recap Part 2”

One Day Around Singapore

My one day journey around Singapore returning from Japan

To be honest, my first impressions of Singapore wasn’t exactly great. I arrived at Changi Airport late at night on my flight from Japan for a one day layover. Hungry from my flight and with no where to stay(hotels were ridiculously expensive), I decided to grab some food from one of the food stands within the airport before being served by a rather rude staff.

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My Endeavours In Japan: A Recap Part 3

Day 9 An Uneventful Day

Being an introvert, it was surprisingly taxing after all my excitement being out of Australia. I initially had plans to explore Nagoya but ended up only going to Nagoya Science Museum and Nagoya Castle before calling it a day back at the capsule hotel. Continue reading “My Endeavours In Japan: A Recap Part 3”

My Endeavours In Japan: A Recap Part 2

Day 5 Kobe & Arima Hot Springs

I finally couldn’t stand how cold it was hence I went to Uniqlo early in the morning to get a nice jacket. After which I somehow wondered around and ended up through their Chinatown which I never expected considering all the China Hate I see on the news between Japan and China. Nonetheless, the chinese food was nice and I got to try some Kobe Beef, which was expensive considering it was $15Aud for a few bites. I was disappointed that it didn’t taste particularly nice but then again it might not have even been real Kobe Beef since I bought it off the streets. A strange incident happened where a little girl thought I was her father lol and hugged my leg. Continue reading “My Endeavours In Japan: A Recap Part 2”

That Trip To Peru: A Recap Part 1

Machu Picchu is a city?

Bitten by the travel bug since wondering the cities of Japan and having finally completed my university degree, I was persuaded by a high school friend to trek to the lost city of Machu Picchu as a ritual to bid farewell to university life.

The only thing I knew about Peru was that it was a third world country, aka, it wouldn’t be as luxurious and comfortable a trip as Japan ( oh was this an underestimation). The flight tickets and trek tour were purchased months in advanced ( even before I went to Japan) and the itinerary mostly planned out by my friends, I did not really do much research about Peru until the week before leaving Australia. Having never really done any trekking in my entire life, I spent around $700 on a bag, hiking pants, jacket and hiking boots from Macpac and downloaded a few ebooks on basic Spanish before leaving.
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