How To Control Your Kodi System

One of the fabulous features of Kodi is how easy it is to control wirelessly. You can control it with a usb keyboard or mouse or even a gamepad, and if its connected to a tv display, then the remote control works just fine!If however, you would like to control your kodi system from the comforts of your couch or bed, wireless communication would be necessary. Here are the two of the easiest ways to connect to your kodi system and control the user interface.


Android and iOS devices have many apps available on their respective app stores which all you to connect to your kodi device, many are free too! Simply by searching kodi in the app store, you can try a few apps to see which one you like best. For iOS, my personal favourite kodi remote is… kodi remote which is pretty much ready to use as soon as you install it. You don’t have to fidget about with getting the correct ip address or finding your kodi device. You do have to make sure that your phone and kodi device is connected to the same wifi network though.

Web Browser

If installing an app isn’t to your fancy because it takes up too much internal memory, you can always control kodi via the web browser on your phone. The first thing to do would be to ensure that the checkbox under Settings->Services->Control->Allow remote control via HTTP to be checked( it should already be checked if you haven’t messed with the settings). The next step is to find the ip address of your kodi device. The fastest way would be to enter Settings->System info->Summary and the 4 numbers seperated by a dot would be your ip address. Simply entering the ip address with the dots included, followed by :8080 (eg. at the end will bring you to a web interface for controlling kodi.


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