That Trip To Peru: A Recap Part 3

My Solo Travels In Peru

Being bed ridden for almost two days, surviving on a diet of McDonalds ( its rather surprising how consistent they taste around the globe unlike the KFC next doors), My last trip around Cusco was Saqsaywaman Ruins about fifteen minutes drive from Cusco. It was nice being able to breath in some fresh air and view some epic landscapes though I still struggled with every ascent. After getting a nice view of Cusco beneath, I headed back to my hotel awaiting my taxi to Urubamba.

I arrived at Urubamba late in the afternoon after the very nice taxi driver stopped for me to take a nice view of the city. Although it looked big from afar, it was actually quite a small town with very little to do. After visiting the Plaza De Armes ( so I think each city has their own Plaza De Armes) which was very small, I stayed at a rather dingy hotel room without electricity and wifi ( can’t complain since the travel agency was paying for it). The following day I practically stayed waiting in the outside lunch area of the hotel for half a day. The only thing that killed my boredom was enjoying the sun, reading my ebook and sipping on a large jug of Limonada, an exceptional Peruvian drink besides Pisco Sours.

The next stop on my solo journey was the city of Ollantaytambo which I only stayed for less than a day at another horrible hotel room without wifi. Despite this short stay, the Ollantaytambo Ruins is one of the more visually compelling ruins I have visited in Peru besides the famous Machu Picchu. Entering the ruins in the late afternoon, many small temples scattered across the field before the many stepped mountain side. It was almost sunset before I have traversed the majority of the ruins and decided it was time to grab some dinner at a small Italian restaurant. I think one of the best dishes besides Cerviche and Pizza, are their nachos and guacamole.

Always hoping for the better and eager to leaving Ollantaytambo, hoping the next city would have wifi, I entered the small town of Santa Teresa after a 2 hour bumpy ride in the back of a 4 wheel drive through Santa Maria. When I say small, I mean the town basically had 3 streets and was in the middle of nowhere. Despite having a decent room to stay in and a decent bathroom, I guess I was asking too much for wifi. My only source of entertainment was my ereader and watching American shows in Spanish ( who knew How I Met Your Mother and The Karate Kid were equally entertaining in Spanish). One of the things I dislike about Peruvian hotels are their ridiculously early checkout times. I was forced out of the hotel by 9am the next morning, so all I could do was wait at the Plaza De Armes for my friends’ supposed early arrival ( they didn’t arrive until late afternoon and I didn’t know we were going to stay there for another night).

Mixed emotions rushed over me as I listened to them chat happily away at their awesome adventures, I felt somewhat left out and wished I had continued on with them, but seeing them return covered in mosquito bites, I also thought my own travels wasn’t so bad either.

Although Santa Teresa is incredibly small for a town, it did come with its own perks in the form of a hot spring which we visited late at night. Arriving in the dark, my friends and I bathed by the rocks ( not nude) as the warm sulphurous waters eased away at our soreness and aching.


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