One Day Around Singapore

My one day journey around Singapore returning from Japan


To be honest, my first impressions of Singapore wasn’t exactly great. I arrived at Changi Airport late at night on my flight from Japan for a one day layover. Hungry from my flight and with no where to stay(hotels were ridiculously expensive), I decided to grab some food from one of the food stands within the airport before being served by a rather rude staff.


In the end, I ended up eating at Burger King which was the only shop left opened throughout the night, before walking out the silent airport watching other travellers sleeping amongst benches. I managed to get wifi within the airport albeit ridiculously slow speeds and unstable connection. I managed to grab a few hours sleep on the carpeted floor( which wasn’t too bad given that I didn’t have to pay for it), before being waken by one of the security guards asking for my passport.

I began my day early next morning heading to towards Chinatown( interesting fact: its Chinese name is 牛車水 which translates to ox cart water). Stepping outside the air-conditioned airport, I was met with an incredible wave of humid air. I was way too early so everything was closed. I ended up having a Big Breakfast( Australian maccas no longer have Big Breakfast on the menu) before setting off again.


It crossed me as an absurdity for such a beautiful metropolis to have such low wages considering that Singapore currency is almost 1:1 with Australian currency and our lowest legal wage is around $18/hour.

After Chinatown, I took a bus to Sentosa and strolled along the sea side enjoying the beautiful scenery. It was around Chinese New Years when I was there thus listening to CNY songs played openly was quite a new experience. I have to say as the day progressed, the humid atmosphere of Singapore was quite unpleasant.

By noon I’ve had enough of Sentosa and with not much other places to go, I visited Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo before returning to Changi Airport all sweaty.

Albeit the humid weather, Singapore is truly an amazing metropolis with transport on par with Japan. It was quite amazing how I can get from one side of Singapore to the other in an hour or so. It probably would have been nice to stay for another day.

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