Mounting NTFS Drives on Mac for Free

I had trouble writing to ntfs drives since upgrading to Sierra. In order to write to it:

  • get the name of the drive(replacing all spaces with “\040”)
  • open terminal and enter sudo nano /etc/fstab
  • copy LABEL=disk none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse (replace disk with name of hard drive)
  • ctrl+o to save,enter,ctrl+x to exit
  • unmount and mount drive and you should not be able to see it in your finder
  • but navigate to \Volumes via the finder options Go->Go to folder… will let you see the drive.


EDIT 10/09/2017: Sometimes the files I have placed into the hard drive become greyed out the next time I view them and I can not export them to another device properly.

Running this line of code in the folder containing the greyed out files fixes the problem.

for f in *.*; do xattr -d "$f"; done;

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