MacOS Useful Tips

  • Remove the “All My Files” tab from the sidebar in finder to prevent accidentally manipulating all your files.
  • Turning on “Reduce Transparency” in Settings-> Accessibility saves a bit of cpu usage.
  • Using “Scaled Effect” instead of “Genie Effect” in Settings->Dock saves a bit of cpu usage.
  • Unticking “Correct spelling automatically” and “Capitalise words Automatically” in Settings->Keyboard->Text makes it easier to touch type.
  • Selecting “App Store and identified developers” in Settings->Security&Privacy->General allows you to install apps outside of app store
  • Turning off FileVault in Settings->Security&Privacy apparently causes less problems for your Mac in the future.
  • Adding your Mac startup disk to Settings->Spotlight->Privacy saves your Mac from overheating when trying to index all your newly added files.
  • Entering defaults write scroll-to-open -bool TRUE; killall Dock into terminal allows you to scroll on dock icons to see open windows

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