Free Useful Mac Apps

From the App Store:

  • Duplicate Photo Finder: finds duplicate photos in the Photo App and moves them to a delete folder.
  • The Duplicate Finder: simple drag and drop folders or entire hard drive devices to find duplicate files to delete.
  • Taurine:lets you keep your macbook on for a set period without having to change energy saving settings.
  • Memory Cleaner:allows you to monitor RAM usage and free memory when desired.
  • Decompressor: simple app for extracting files from common archive files.
  • Battery Monitor:allows you to monitor Battery usage and wear and tear.

From Brew:

  • smcFanControl: allows you to control your macbook fanspeed and monitor cpu temperatures.
  • Spectacle:allows you to manipulate window size and location through customisable shortcuts.
  • DisableMonitor:allows you to completely turn off your macbook display and gives more resolution levels.
  • HyperDock:imitates Windows ability to display open windows when hovering mouse over docked app.
  • HyperSwitch:imitates Windows ability to switch between apps and windows.
  • VLC: very versatile video and audio player.

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