Turning Monitor On And Off In OSMC

SSH into osmc then…

To turn on:

vcgencmd display_power 1

To turn off:

vcgencmd display_power 0

Setting Up OSMC Part 3: Extra Step For Retro Gamers

This step isn’t necessary unless you want to turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming emulator. The first thing to do of course is to get a gaming controller. The one I got works fairly well but there are plenty others available on ebay. Funguypro at instructables.com has already written a pretty comprehensive tutorial on installing the software needed, but I will elaborate on the ssh part.

To ssh into your raspberry pi, you need an ssh-client, this can be using terminal on MacOS or from putty on Windows.

How To Control Your Kodi System

One of the fabulous features of Kodi is how easy it is to control wirelessly. You can control it with a usb keyboard or mouse or even a gamepad, and if its connected to a tv display, then the remote control works just fine!If however, you would like to control your kodi system from the comforts of your couch or bed, wireless communication would be necessary. Here are the two of the easiest ways to connect to your kodi system and control the user interface. Continue reading “How To Control Your Kodi System”

Setting Up OSMC Part 2: The perfect KODI solution for Asian Drama lovers.

So I’ve already setup my osmc the way I want it but here is a simple guide incase I forget, not that it was hard anyway. The latest version of osmc at the time was based on kodi 17.1

  • download the osmc image from here and follow the installation guide, remember to use an sd card larger than 8gb.
  • once osmc has booted up, it may take a little longer on the first time, the first thing I always do whenever I have a new device is go through all the settings. By default, most the settings will work just fine but some settings to change:
    • Interface->Skin->Fonts to Arial which enables foreign characters to be displayed ( at least chinese characters will)
    • System->Audio->Audio output device to Analogue if you dont want to run audio through hdmi
  • The most important step is to install addons to enable certain channels. The procedure is the same for installing all addons.
    • Go to Settings->File Manager->Add Source to add a new repository or simply download the installations files and connect to the raspberry pi through usb.
    • Go to Settings->Add-on Browser->Install from zip file, and select the zip file in the newly added source.
    • Go to Settings->Add-on Browser->Install from repository and select the addons you want from the different repositories you have installed.

The following kodi repositories will basically have all the necessary addons for any asian media fans!

Setting Up OSMC Part 1: Why use OSMC

Best way of repurposing my raspberry pi

Having transitioned to using a laptop for my main computer, my 7 year old pc no longer has any purpose except for serving as a home media center. However, despite its rather obsolete hardware for today’s standards, it still seems too much of a waste of its capabilities to just use it as a media center, not to mention it isn’t very power efficient when I wanted to leave it on all the the time.

Continue reading “Setting Up OSMC Part 1: Why use OSMC”

That Trip To Peru: A Recap Part 4

I vaguely recall pathetically crying during year 7 camp when I attempted crossing an obstacle course about 10 meters off the ground, my only safety assurance was a metal cable tied to my saddle. Back then my legs refused to move even a single step forward, thus I never particularly enjoyed heights. However, I have to say that on this entire trip, ziplining from mountain to mountain in random positions( upside down, hanging like spiderman, flying like superman), and walking across a suspension bridge somewhere between 50 to 100 meters above ground, was my best experience, not to mention, it costed about a fraction of what it would have costed had I done something similar in Australia. Ziplining upside down, exotic trees and rapid rivers below me gave me a sensation almost like I was in a movie scene where the world was turned upside down. Continue reading “That Trip To Peru: A Recap Part 4”